Danielle Riddle

Danielle Riddle Boise

Danielle Riddle, a local of Boise, Idaho, faced an intriguing obstacle. For her upcoming trip, she was considering starting a side business online. But her primary talent was in music. When it came to selling music online, how exactly would that be translated into some product? Danielle could not record professionally because she had no record contract or access to sound recording equipment. Starting a side business would have been no point when getting going would have required thousands of dollars. How will her interest in music and the Internet complement one another?

The Boise native Danielle Riddle never lacked inspiration. She had initially intended to pursue a career in singing, but her theatrical performances were unsuccessful. She couldn't sing for toffee. Then she started playing the piano and guitar, and Riddle discovered she was remarkably talented at both instruments. After a few years, she realized she was happy with her job but searching for more. Her contemporaries and acquaintances constantly shared tales of how one of them had stumbled onto a novel approach or concept that proved to be a sales success on the Internet. Nobody else around her appeared to have a back door except for herself. Like she did when trying to figure out music, Dannielle Riddle put her head down and came up with reasonable, practical solutions.